The Original Escapes of Arthur Coghlan Updated Edition


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The Original Escapes of Arthur Coghlan features escapes which fooled Penn & Teller and, as a bonus, this updated soft-cover edition also includes the Rod-Through-Milk Trick which fooled the duo on Helen’s first appearance in 2018.

This highly anticipated and much sought-after book is a reprint of Arthur’s 2007 best seller and has been re-released due to high demand.

Featuring the Cage Escape and Steel Cabinet Escape as seen on Penn & Teller: Fool Us

Also includes: 44-gallon Drum – Concrete Block – Army Tank –  Chair Rope Tie –  Electric Chair – Death Cage – The Don Lane Show Drum Escape – Steel Box – Jet Truck – Circular Saw – Wooden Keg – Steel Cabinet.

The first section tells the story of Arthur’s beginning in escapology and magic and explains the various escapes as viewed by the public. It also describes the problems and risks involved. On the videos page you will find clips of most of these escapes as performed live on TV. The second section of the book is sealed and explains the methods Arthur used.

It’s interesting to note that Arthur’s escapes can be examined before and after each performance – no other escapologist has ever done this before.