Arthur Coghlan and Helen

Amazing Escapes

During his career, Arthur has escaped from many unusual situations including:

  • A locked steel drum that was dropped into a pool of sharks which resulted in the ABC programme “A Big Country” presenting a half hour documentary on his life as a magician and escapologist.
  • Chained to a concrete block and then dropped into a 2,000 gallon tank of water.
  • Being chained to spikes in the ground, with an unmanned war tank set in low gear and heading in his direction.
  • Tied to a chair which was placed inside a box and hoisted high into the air, with the bottom of the box opening once it reached 50’.
  • An escape from an electric chair to which he was chained.
  • Locked into a steel cage which was sunk in a lake.
  • Performed an escape from a 44-gallon drum on “The Don Lane Show” that received such a high rating for the show, that the producer, Peter Faiman, asked Arthur to repeat it the following week, which he did. That resulted in huge publicity for Arthur and the show, as the engineers, locksmiths, etc, could offer no explanation of how it was accomplished.
  • Being locked inside a solid steel box and then lowered into a swimming pool.
  • Chained inside a box behind a Jet Truck. The truck sped off tearing the box in half.
  • Escaping from a coffin that was sawn in half, lengthwise, over a huge circular saw bench.

Helen has also presented some dangerous escapes including:

  • Being locked inside a wooden keg which had carbon monoxide being pumped into the bung.
  • An escape from a steel cabinet where explosives were detonated after 5 minutes.
  • Houdini’s famous Water Torture Escape.


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This photo shows how close a war tank came to running over Arthur. He managed to free himself and a member of the crowd, who volunteered to be chained to him.

This photo shows Arthur being locked inside a steel drum before being dropped into a pool of sharks. After the escape, the drum was still securely locked.

Chained to a concrete block and being lowered into a tank of water.

Arthur made a sensational escape from this drum live on national television.