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In March 1976, Arthur presented his first escape from a securely locked and sealed 44-gallon drum. Australia had never seen anything like it and a huge crowd turned out, as well as 5 TV crews. This was the escape that launched his career.

Since then Arthur has become a household name appearing on Australia's leading television shows with his feats of escapology.

It is interesting to note that his escapes can be examined before and after each performance - no other escapologist has ever done this before!

Mark Cannon (Cannon's Great Escapes) wrote:

"Mr. Coghlan is one of the most brilliant gentlemen to have ever spent time thinking up devious ways in which to extricate his self from apparently impossible implements of confinement—and all for our entertainment pleasure. He is a man who rose up from obscurity to superstardom based upon his ability to combine a daring-do attitude with extreme mystery. Not only would he risk his life by being dropped into the briny depths of Sydney Harbour, but upon successful conclusion of his escape, he would again permit an extremely thorough re-examination of the container that had only moments before held him prisoner. And I mean thorough!

Perhaps this is where Mr. Coghlan shines most brightly: He has an innate ability to devise absolutely impossible and unsolvable mysteries. Secrets that are not simply rehashed versions of old concepts, but entirely new and different techniques. Devices that not only successfully baffled the entire nation of Australia, but its magicians too! You see, Mr. Coghlan really thinks outside of the box. 

But this also reveals the other genius that is Arthur Coghlan. He knows how to generate publicity. Long after he is done performing one of his spectacular stunts, the entire nation is still talking about him! 

Please, please, keep this book in a secure place. This stuff is just that good."



Now, for the first time he is revealing all of these secrets in a book,
"The Original Escapes of Arthur Coghlan".

The Original Escapes of Arthur Coghlan

This highly anticipated and much sought- after book was released in October 2007 at Cannon's Great Escapes 5th Annual Convention, Ontario, California, USA. Also comes with a bonus DVD.

Featuring these escapes: 44-gallon drum - Concrete Block - Army Tank -
Chair Rope Tie - Electric Chair - Death Cage - The Don Lane Show Drum Escape - Steel Box - Jet Truck - Circular Saw - Wooden Keg - Steel Cabinet.


Please note - This book has been written for the professional market. The first section tells the story of Arthur's beginning in escapology and magic and explains the various escapes as viewed by the public. It also describes the problems and risks involved. A 1.5 hour DVD is included and shows most of these escapes as performed live on TV. The second section of the book is sealed and explains the methods Arthur used.

As all these escapes are original, it is highly confidential. Anybody purchasing the book is asked not to lend the book to anyone or disclose the methods.

For purchasing information, please click here.

Jet Truck Escape44-Gallon Drum EscapeDeath Cage EscapeWooden Keg EscapeSteel Box EscapeDon Lane Show Drum Escape


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