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Helen's Background

Helen Coghlan shares a love of magic with her father, Arthur. She joined
him in the show when she left school and quickly became a top
entertainer in her own right.

Helen has won several national awards and has had the privilege of being
invited to perform at the prestigious "Magic Castle" in Hollywood, USA.

Helen with her father, Arthur Coghlan.

Following in Her Father's Footsteps

She has now followed in her father's footsteps to become Australia's top escapologist. Helen has performed some amazing escapes including:-

  • In 1987, she became the first woman in the world to perform Houdini's last escape, "The Chinese Water Torture", which was televised for national television.

  • Being locked inside a large wooden keg which had the exhaust from a petrol motor leading straight into the bung hole, which, of course, filled the barrel with deadly carbon monoxide.
  • Securely imprisoned between steel shelves and locked in a solid steel cage, with explosives set to detonate in 5 minutes.

Together they have travelled overseas performing their spectacular magic and illusions and death defying feats - some of which were televised for Russian television to a viewing audience of an estimated 300 million people.

The following clip from YouTube shows Helen performing Houdini's famous "Water Torture Escape" on Channel 9's "Midday Show". It went live-to-air.

Helen performing Houdini's famous Water Torture Escape


These photos show Helen being locked into the "Cage of Death" (left) and what will happen if she doesn't manage to escape within 5 minutes (right).

Helen being locked into the Steel Cage.         Explosives being detonated.
Helen is now also a Wedding Celebrant. Visit her website "Simply Magic Ceremonies".    Simply Magic Ceremonies

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